I would love to explore that museum someday! Perhaps the next time we pass through that area, I'll be able to make it happen. We will be living on the road soon, and our first leg will be a 6-8 month lap around the U.S., so it is a possibility.

In answer to your questions:

What I've been reading: Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts

What I've been writing: still working on a mostly fictional novel based on the life of my grandmother, who likewise, refused to tell us much about her life. I found a shoebox full of clues after she died and am writing "her story" based on the bits and pieces she left behind.

What I loved most about this summer: My husband and I traveled to Zambia to meet my brother-in-law's extended family there. What an amazing experience!

What I'm looking forward to this fall: We have sold most everything and are finishing up our travel vehicle build now, so we should move into our new life as nomads sometime this fall.

What I'm most grateful for: My husband and I, after quite a few unfortunate years of apathy toward one another, are now closer than ever. It's amazing. Miraculous, really.

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What a moving post, Michelle. Thank you for sharing your family history! Always a gift.

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